Sunday, February 24, 2008


Recently my dad converted me from Democrat to Republican. Prior, I was an ardent fan of Hitlery as opposed to oBOMBa. However, I liked both of them on many fronts, but Hillary was a little more conservative than Obama when addressing the War.

Both candidates promise to pull out, which as a liberal I completely supported! Yet, the war was a 4 trillion dollar investment that supposedly protected our country, and pulling out would mean we failed our mission, and our investment failed. As a capitalist, I can accept the loss since the cost will only exponentiate. But, think about it. A majority of the country supported the war, and top brass in WADC supported it as well. There has to be a good reason: OIL.

The oil is worth way more than 4 trills. Pulling out today would mean no oil tomorow. McCain promises to stay in Iraq for 100 years, and why? By saying that he loses every liberal vote and then some conservative ones as well. Political suicide, but at least he's the only candidate telling the truth.

Obama and Hillary promise to pull out, but everyone in WADC knows its not true. Optimists think that oil replacing techonology is on the horizon, but its not. We need the oil. We need Iraq.